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David Apuzzo has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. His expertise, attention to detail, and care, brings out the best in his subjects to create images that tell stories.

Cutting his teeth on portraits, and expanding into lifestyle & fashion photography, David's talents have run the gamut of the photography industry. In 2018, that gamut expanded into the film industry.

Beginning with Alien Warfare (2018), David Apuzzo has worked on 16 features, including Johnny & Clyde (2022), She Came from The Woods (2022), High Heat (2022), and Founders Day (2023). Photographing such actors as Megan Fox, Bai Ling, Cara Buono, William SadlerTom Sizemore, Eric Roberts, Amy Hargreaves, Vanessa Angel, and Robert LaSardo.

In 2021, David also filmed, directed, and edited his first short film, Ignition.

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